The Abwaab Ecosystem: Practice with Our Question Bank

In our previous post, we talked about our lessons, one of the most-loved Abwaab features that are of high quality and provide a comprehensive view of the national and international curriculums. At Abwaab, we know that it is important to give students the opportunity to assess themselves and test their knowledge directly – so, how can a student do that at Abwaab? 

Luckily, Abwaab provides students the opportunity to practice with our powerful question bank through our practice feature -another student favourite! Practice allows students to test their knowledge at their own pace without being graded. Students can collect valuable gems along the way, and receive treasure when they answer all questions of a topic correctly

Students are also given guidance throughout their practice session in the form of detailed model answers. 

For a chance to test knowledge in a more exam-like manner, Abwaab also offers assessments and quizzes. Learn more about our assessments in the next post of the Abwaab Ecosystem series.

Do you use the practice feature? If so, share with us your experience and how many treasures you have collected so far in the comments below!

This post was edited by: Nour Alashqar – Teacher Assistant at Abwaab


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