The Abwaab Ecosystem: Our Lessons

At Abwaab, we’re on the mission to create a complete online learning ecosystem, changing the way students learn outside the traditional classroom. We aim to do this by allowing you to learn at your own pace through our various offerings that, together, complete your learning journey. In the Abwaab Ecosystem series, we will introduce all our offerings starting with our video lessons, and walk you through our question bank with practice rounds and assessments, Abwaab league and more!

Watching lessons and understanding concepts is the first great step in your learning journey. Our lessons are one of the features that are greatly loved by Abwaab students as they are of high quality and engaging in nature. Our lessons are delivered by the best teachers and focus on giving a comprehensive view of national curriculums, whilst ensuring that the concepts remain easy to understand.

While we ensure that our lessons will help you fully understand your subjects, we know that you would like to assess yourself and test your knowledge first-hand – so how can you do that on Abwaab? By practicing on numerous questions in our powerful question bank! Learn more about our powerful questions bank in the next post, coming this Sunday!

Are our lessons one of your favourite features? Let us know in the comments below!


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The Abwaab Ecosystem: Practice with Our Question Bank | Abwaab Blog – مدونة أبواب
1 year ago

[…] our previous post, we talked about our lessons, one of the most-loved Abwaab features that are of high quality and […]

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