EdTech Startup Abwaab Launches Subscriptions in Egypt

EdTech Startup Abwaab Launches Subscriptions in Egypt
(Left to right: Karim Mamdouh, Head of Content & Innovation, AbdelAziz “Zizo” El Hakim, Egypt Market Launcher)

Amman, Jordan – Cairo, Egypt

Edtech startup Abwaab today announces that it is launching its subscriptions in Egypt for the upcoming 2021/22 academic year starting today. This decision comes on the heels of a growing demand from students in the country to learn on the platform, with millions of questions and lessons being taken per month since the startup began rolling out content earlier this year.

To lead the Egypt team, Abwaab has tapped former Uber executive AbdelAziz “Zizo” El Hakim as the Market Launcher to head operations, and former CEO of Bare Entertainment Karim Mamdouh to serve as Head of Content & Innovation.

El Hakim comes to the role with years of experience in the startup and tech ecosystem, having spent five years at Uber, where he handled several functions including operations and customer experience, before heading Uber Eats’s Operations in Egypt.

“I’m thrilled to be part of an important mission to make high-quality education more accessible and affordable in Egypt, and cannot wait to make a real, lasting impact on millions of homes,” said Zizo El Hakim.

EdTech Startup Abwaab Launches Subscriptions in Egypt

The startup is redefining education on all fronts. On the creative side, Abwaab has recently partnered up with Egyptian science influencer Share3 el 3loom (“Science Street”) to make learning science fun for students.

“We’re putting a ton of effort into the quality of our video lessons to ensure that students really engage, and this is truly paying off as reflected in our high lesson completion rate,” said Karim Mamdouh, who has extensive expertise in content creation and innovation, having led one of the top digital entertainment companies in the Middle East. “We believe that education that is exciting and rewarding is a right for each and every student.”


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